April – LRE Rebrand, a new look and feel


When looking to re-launch independently into the orthopaedics market with a fresh image, LRE system Ltd asked us to help out with a new design for a rebrand. The Lateral Resurfacing Elbow is aimed at a new generation of progressive surgeons. They offer a unique kit-in-a-box system that can also be engineered to fit the patient’s needs.

They had an established logo in black and white, designed to echo the elbow joint. So we went in gently on the rebrand but were really happy that the client wanted to push the design a bit further.

We focused on the curve of the product’s actual design and used bold dark colours to update. Including the company name and a tagline ‘Restores Elbow Anatomy’ adds a bit of flexibility for advertising options.

Watch this space to see how it rolls out for the launch.